What is Simusure?

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To make premium payment

Once you receive your Premium account number after registration:

Premium payable 



Up to 10,000


10,001 - 15,000


15,001 – 20,000


20,001 – 30,000


30,001 – 50,000


50,001 – 75,000


75,001 – 100,000


100,001 – 150,000


How to Claim:

       Your contribution towards the loss or damage shall be:

To register a Claim

To Block IMEI

Block IMEI can only be against a policy with a theft claim (Reference How to make a claim)

Q1. What is SimuSure?

A1. SimuSure is a brand new insurance product for Safaricom subscribers. It covers any mobile device registered on Safaricom against loss, theft or accidental damage

Q2. Can my device be repaired and not replaced?

A2. Assessment will be made on whether to repair or replace your device

Q3. How much can I claim?

A3. The replacement cost is the current market price of the device

The repair cost is based on the repair estimate from the appointed dealers 

Q4. Can I sign up for more than 1 policy?

A4. Each device can only be registered once. You may, however, register as many devices as you like

Q5. How long will the insurance last?

A5. Your insurance will start when you pay the full premium and lasts for 1 year

Q6. Can I keep insurance if I change my number?

A6. The insurance is linked to your device, so if you change your number but keep the same device the insurance will continue. However, please notify APA Insurance if you change your number through email to simusure@apainsurance.org

Q7. How do I file a claim?

A7. You may report a claim from the menu on *854#, or by emailing simusure@apainsurance.org or via the customer portal on http://www.simusure.co.ke. Please remember to state your Phone Number

Q8. How many times can I claim?

A8. If your device is replaced, your insurance will cease and you must register the new device for insurance. However, number of claims per year shall be restricted to 2 – either 2 damage claims or 1 damage & loss claim.

Q9. What documents are required to make a theft claim?

A9. You will require:

a)   Device blockage certificate from Safaricom

b)   A police abstract

c)   Complete claim form through the customer portal

d)   Copy of National Identification card/passport

Q10. How long will it take for my device to be replaced or repaired?

A10. Theft - 7 days from the date of complete documentation

A10. Damage - 14 days from the date of complete documentation

Q11. When I claim how much will I be compensated for my device?

A11. Damage claims - 75% of the Repair cost

Theft claims – 75% of the current market value of the device

Q12. Why can’t I register for insurance if I am under 18 years?

A12. Insurance is a contract and minors cannot enter into contracts. However, if the device is registered to an adult, for example your parents, they may register for insurance for you

Q13. Can my replacement device be of any make and model?

A13. You may choose any new device as a replacement of the value of the claim amount paid to you. If you would like a more expensive phone you can simply top up the difference

Q14. How do you determine the current market value of my device?

A14. We use the prices as published by Safaricom to determine the current market value

Q15. What if I lost my phone while I was travelling outside of Kenya?

A15. Currently we are only able to provide cover for phones lost within Kenya

Q16. What if I buy a phone that is already registered for insurance?

A16. Kindly contact the original owner to cancel the insurance